Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream

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"More than fifteen years in the making, Blood and Politics is the most comprehensive history to date of the white supremacist movement as it has evolved over the past three-plus decades. Leonard Zeskind draws heavily upon court documents, racist publications, and first-person reports, along with his own personal observations.

Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity

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"From the seventeenth century Cavaliers and Uncle Tom's Cabin to Civil Rights museums and today's conflicts over the Confederate flag, here is a brilliant portrait of southern identity, served in an engaging blend of history, literature, and popular culture. In this insightful book, written with dry wit and sharp insight, James C. Cobb explains how the South first came to be seen--and then came to see itself--as a region apart from the rest of America.

The more I dig, the more shit I find

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As I research more about the insanity within American culture - the white supremacy movement - I find more and more instances of outright hatred and craziness. It's hard to imagine that people so full of hate have not already exploded in rage.

I give you The White Voice Media, a site devoted to "Media, news, and information for White people against White genocide."