President Obama Met in Arizona By Racist Protesters Singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep”

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"In more of the same disgusting behavior by many conservatives, President Obama was met by a group of protesters today in Arizona who sang “Bye Bye Black Sheep” during his speech—an obvious and tasteless dig at the President’s race.

There was even a sign in the crowd that said “Impeach the half-white Muslim!”

But of course, the irrational hatred many people have toward President Obama has nothing to do with race, right?


This is just another instance, in a seemingly countless stream of them, where conservatives have openly attacked Obama’s race.

All while many Republicans will insist his race has nothing to do with the disdain many conservatives display towards the nation’s first black President.  Of course, anyone with any common sense knows that his race has played a huge part in the negativity he’s received from many on the right.

And I know this first hand.  Living in Texas, as I’ve said many times, I’ve heard people call Obama any number of derogatory terms far more often than I’ve heard him called “the President” or even his name.

But this wasn’t the only ridiculous thing that came from these protesters.  The Arizona Republic, which broke this story, interviewed one of the protesters and recorded their comments:

“We have gone back so many years,” Judy Burris told the Republic, arguing Obama had taken the nation back to pre-Civil Rights era levels of racism. “He’s divided all the races. I hate him for that.”

The comments from Ms. Burris would almost be funny if she didn’t actually believe them.  Are you kidding?  President Obama has divided the country and taken us back to pre-Civil Rights levels of racism?

It’s not the Republican state legislatures which are trying to restrict voting rights which many courts have found targets minorities, or the tea party push that Obama isn’t a “real American” (something that is derived from his race), or the fact that major right-wing media sources like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have openly perpetuated racial stereotypes pertaining to the President.

It’s President Obama’s fault for taking us back to pre-Civil Rights levels of racism, apparently.

That’s as ignorant as those people who blame the rape victim for being raped as much, or more, than they do the rapist because of what they might have been wearing.

“How dare you become the first black President and bring out all of the racism from ignorant conservatives which has polarized the nation and energized our hateful and ignorant right-wing radical base.  It’s all your fault Mr. President!”

I guess Judy has a point.  How dare a half-black man run for President.  That is his fault.

Then we have the asinine remarks from 17-year-old Deanna Bartram, who claims she feels Obama supporters use the “race card” against her because she disagrees with his policies.  She then proceeds to say, “Obama is ruining American values. He is ruining the Constitution. He needs to go back to where he came from because obviously, he is a liar. I am not racist. I am part Indian. Obama’s half Black, half White.”

Ah yes, the “I’m not a racist but let me say something racist” line. Gotta love it, right? She starts by saying Obama supporters play the “race card” just because she disagrees with his policies—then goes on to say “he needs to go back where he came from.” Which, of course, has nothing to do with his race, right?

Oh, and she clearly isn’t racist because she’s half Indian.  Now what that has to do with being racist towards a half-black person, I don’t quite understand.  

It’s just pathetic how so many people that start down the “I’m not racist” path often follow that by saying something racist.  It reminds me of the time I met a girl who said she wasn’t a racist, she would just prefer that the President be white. But she had dated black guys before, so she clearly wasn’t racist.

Excuse my language—but what a couple of dumbasses.  I feel sorry people like Judy and Deanna even exist.  That level of ignorance should be shunned, not embraced.  Sadly, the opposite has been true within the Republican party for the last few years.

The events today in Arizona would be more shocking if this wasn’t the norm I’ve seen from many Republicans toward the President since even before he was elected.

And as someone living in Texas, I would be more shocked if racial epithets weren’t slung toward the President.

Which just shows how sad and hateful the Republican party and their base has become."


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